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Hyaluronic Acid

what is this powerful ingredient?

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Hyaluronic Acid

Why is this miracle ingredient so important in skincare? believe the hype!! hyaluronic acid actually holds the key to hydrated, flawless, smoothened hydrated skin?

Naturally your own skin cells produce hyaluronic acid, in a bid to maintain hydration levels. however, as we age, we start to naturally lose the hyaluronic acid production,  environmental factors like air pollution, diet and overall health and wellbeing can drastically reduce the hyaluronic acid

This magical substance plays the roll of  “sponge” for moisture,  forcing your skin cells retain moisture and in return, keeping the skin moisturized, healthy and glowing.

fun fact- a single gram of hyaluronic acid has the ability to hold up to 6 litres of water. its also has  ability to regulate that moisture within the cells, revealing hydrated skin!


What Does Hyaluronic Acid Do for Your Skin?

1. leaves the skin is sufficiently hydrated, and will appear much more radiant.

2. When skin is moisturized and hydrated, lines and wrinkles (even the deeper ones) appear smoother, YAY!

3.  Hyaluronic acid can be used by any skin type, and is suitable for everyone, even sensitive or oily, acne prone skin, and is a fantastic ingredient for those who suffer with Atopy tpye skin (eczema, psoriasis etc)

4. hyaluronic acid is also a well known ingredient that contains antioxidants, in return it can protect the skin barrier, acting as an invisible shield against free radicals like the weather, harsh air ventilation and chemical exposure in work environments to name only a few.


Which is why we have added Hyaluronic acid to our Skin recue!!


To keep the skin on both the face and body-smooth, hydrated, protected and radiant!


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