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All about Eczema

What is it? Triggers and Causes.

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If you suffer with eczema flair ups, you would do anything in your power to prevent  These itchy rashes. here we have listed some handy tips to get your eczema under-control.

What Is typical of Eczema?

  • Inflamed reddish scaly patches on the skin, commonly found on the feet and hands, hands, but can also be found anywhere on the body such as the neck, chest, and behind the knees, in the creases on elbows etc.
  • can cause a sore, raw, itchy rash
  •  A common complaint is itching
  • Skin can become sore and raw from scratching
  • It is also common to find Small raised bumps that may crust over or leak fluid.
  • Skin can bleed and crack.

What Causes a Flare-Up?

Triggers differ from person to person, from enviromental facters such as harsh weather, air conditioning, central heating systems, chemicals can all trigger a flare up, right down to Sweat, fabrics in your clothes (wool, polyester etc..), pet hairs, and drumroll……. chemicals found in your skincare and bathing products!!

  • dehydrated skin cause cause a flare and It could get scaly, tight, and easy to crack, always moisturise with Skin Rescue x2 daily. especially after a shower when skin is damp to lock in moisture.
  • For some people, emotional stress can trigger eczema symptoms. mental health issues and stress and common contributors to skin issues.
  • Irritants. take a look in your cosmetic bag.. makeup can be a trigger, as can shampoo, soaps, hand sanitisers, right down to fabric detergent.
  • Other common irritants include:
    • Cigarette smoke
    • Perfumes and fragrances (not just the obvious, take a look at your hand creams, shower gels etc)
    • hand sanitisers- we found the Biofresh Skincare hand sanitiser the most gentle for eczema sufferes while still killing off bacteria.
    • Formaldehyde (a chemical that can be found in glue, disinfectants, cleaning products etc)
    • sulphates found in shampoo and skin products added to provide a cleansing foam can strip the protective layer of the skin.
    • Isothiazolinone- commonly found in baby wipes and personal hygiene products to remove bacteria)
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